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Humble Mud

Oh to work with simple materials and processes!


While reading David Robert's, In Search of the Old Ones, i discovered the research and creative work of Clint Swink. Clint's Messages from the High Desert, The Art, Archeology and Renaissance of Mesa Verde Pottery, describes through hundreds of drawings and photos the process knowledge needed to replicate Anasazi black-on-white and corrugated pottery.


Thinking of Mimbres black-on-white drawings on clay brings to mind David Brigman's terra sigillata and underglazed earthenware pieces. Neolithic Persian and Mesopotamian pottery also influence David's work. Google Images for "neolithic pottery."

David Brigman, shallow bowl drawings, terra sigllata, 7" dia.

David Brigman, platter drawing underglazed earthenware, 17.5" dia.


Years ago i experimented with incorporating figurative painted earthenware elements into small sculptures. Revisiting those materials with Swink's helpful book in hand is of keen interest . . . painting with yucca brushes, different clay body and slip + trench kiln firing . . .